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A Correa Equity Partners' Multifamily Real Estate Property. Victorian-Style Multifamily Building in Saint John New Brunswick


We are an active real estate investment company partnering with investors to build wealth while providing safe, beautiful housing that our residents are proud to call home.


To provide safe, beautiful spaces our residents are proud to call home and create memories in, while improving the communities we invest in and building wealth for our investor partners and team.

Integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Hi! We are Michele and Doug, the founders of Correa Equity Partners, an active real estate investment company.


We are currently investing in Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland within Canada while working on a US expansion.

If you would like to invest in real estate and improve lives, without having to be involved in the hands-on part of the business - we would love to hear from you!

Correa Equity Founders Michele and Doug Correa
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Challenges prospective investors face in real estate investing

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Knowing how to strategically choose the right strategy in the right market, the right property at the right price, and the right time to invest.

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Having access to an experienced and effective real estate power team of property managers, contractors, and lawyers.

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Learning the ins and outs of investing in real estate and the time required to manage it all.

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Managing the properties during acquisitions and renovations while creating a profitable and timely exit strategy.

Fortunately for our investor partners, we offer a “Hands-Free Investment” where we take care of all of this for our business partners.

Victorian Style Multifamily House in Saint John, New Brunswick


We support our investing partners every step of the way.

Investing Insights

Leverage our expertise to save you time while gaining valuable real estate investing insights.

Professional Team

Our professional Power Team will manage the ins and outs of your investment property.

Tailored Strategy

Receive customized support in creating the right investment strategy tailored just for you.


From market research to professional execution, we have you covered.

Explore Markets

Based on your investment goals, we research the appropriate markets to find assets that fulfill a strict criteria to meet expected returns. We conduct the due diligence necessary to ensure that the numbers support the investment.

Manage Assets

Our professional team of lawyers, property managers, and contractors support the intricate proceedings from property acquisition through to daily asset management so that our partners can benefit from our Hands-Free Investing service.

Inform Partners

Our partners are informed through regular updates and their investment goals are reviewed periodically.  If learning along the way is something that interests you,  we are also happy to share our experience and investing knowledge!


Michele's knowledge in real estate investing shines through and gives me the confidence to partner with her for investing with integrity and to create better neighbourhoods. We cannot imagine real estate investing without Michele.

Rhondi Khablak

Rhondi’s Place Real Estate Investors



We are currently actively investing in Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, and working on a US expansion to Arizona.

Victorian style heritage multifamily building in Saint John New Brunswick


A portfolio that yields steady returns for our investing partners while providing safe, comfortable housing for local residents.

Rent to own property in Calgary, Alberta

Rent To Own

An investment strategy connecting our investors with local communities, helping quality tenants become homeowners.

Open field for land development

Land Development

We are expanding our investments and assets into land development to provide more quality housing for local communities. 

Image by Collov Home Design

Partner with Us 

We would love to hear from you, discuss your investment goals, and see if we are a fit to partner together.

Please reach out and connect for more details with any questions you may have about our projects and investments.  

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